An Index of the Contents of the Transactions for the Years 2001-2008

I ought to explain why this index is different to the one compiled by Arthur D.Walker for Transactions 2000. First, I had a much easier task, as the earlier index covered the years 1898 to 2000, and this only the first 8 years of the 21st century. So I was able to be less concise, and even to offer summaries here and there. Being one of the bespectacled crowd myself, I also made an effort to set out the entries as clearly as I could on the page, and being easily confused in a crowded text, adopted a single alphabetical list, combining articles, verse and book reviews in one. The year of each issue is written first, and in full, and Part (“Pt.”) and Volume (“Vol.”) numbers are supplied after the date. For greater clarity, the page number is preceded by “page” or “pages”. In addition, selected topics, where I felt they would be most useful, are arranged in the main list, distinguished by being printed IN SMALL CAPITALS. The emphasis thrown on the names of the writers may serve to remind readers of the great debt owing to them over the years, as well as encouraging us to find again and enjoy such a wide variety of items on such a fascinating range of topics. Some descriptions, e.g. of the noble game of conkers, may seem quaint to some, but it has been my aim that this index should be of use to anyone at all who can read English, wherever they are, and some more intimate cultural phenomena (even if by no means restricted to Yorkshire) may need a little explanation.

Beaumont, Ernest, 1., The Story of the Elland Feud. Main par t of the narrative in West Riding dialect. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. pp 56-58.

Beaumont, Ernest, 2., The Language of the Heavy Woollen Indu stry. History of the trade, with some vocabulary items, Batley, Gomersal, Ossett and area. 2003 Part CHI VoL XX. pp 9-15.


BLACKSMITHING 2004 (Pt.CIV Vol.XXI) pp14-34.


Breeze, Andrew, 1., Great Dinnod, A Boundary Stone near Danby, Eskdale. Possible origins of the name. 2001 PtCI Vol.XX. pp 37-39.

Breeze, Andrew, 2., Lagentium, the Roman Name of Castle ford, 2002 Pt.CH Vol.XX, pp 59-62.

Breeze, Andrew, 3., The Celts, Cononley, Givendale, and Loskey Beck, A discussion about these place-names. 2003 Pt.CHI Vol.XX. pp 22-29.

Breeze, Andrew, 4., Ilkley, Elslack, and the Roman Fort of Olenacum. A discussion of the origin of the place- name Olenacum or Olicana, identified with Ilkley or Elslack. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. pp 45-48.

Breeze, Andrew, 5., Brough by Bainbridge and the Roman Fort of Virosidum, 2005 Pt.CV VoLXXI. pp 25-26.

Breeze, Andrew, 6., Wailing Street in Chaucer and the Wake field Cycle. Refers a mention of Watling Street in one of the medieval Towneley Plays to a Roman road near Wakefield rather than to the Milky Way. 2007 PtCVII Vol.XXI. pp 34-39.

Breeze, Andrew, 7., Keepwick near Hexham and Kepwick near Northallerton. 2008 Pt.CVIII VoLXXI. pp 30-32.

Breeze, Andrew, 8., York’s ‘Ratys cum Petys* in The Stores of the Cities. The Stores of the Cities is a 14th century burlersque poem in Dog-Latin and English listing the properties of the main English cities at that time: for York we have three lines of rather obscure verse. 2008 Pt.CVIII VoLXXI, pp 35-36.

Briscoe, Gill, see Leary, Nigel, No.l.

Brooks, Harry (died 2004), 1., T’New Day. A poem in dialect. 2004 PtCIV VoLXXI. p 61.

Brooks, Harry, 2., Grey November. A poem in dialect, 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXL pp 62-63.

Burndred, Mrs. Joan. See Leary, Nigel, No.6.

Bycroft, Colin, The Quagga. Poem in dialect. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. p 85.


Castillo, John, People at Worship. A poem in North Yorkshire dialect. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXL pp 59-60.

CATULLUS 2003 (Pt.CIII Vol.XX) pp.38-39

Charlesworth, John Walter, L, Gunthwaite Mill. Reminiscences of work at the watermill. Photographs of Gunthwaite Manorial Barn and Coach House by Muriel Shackleton complement article. Also sketch map. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL pp 33-37.

Charlesworth, John Walter, 2., Reaping and Mowing. Reminiscences of agriculture: some dialect terms. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIII”, pp 10-13.

Charlesworth, John Walter, 3.. Packhorses in Gunthwaite. with sketch map, 2006 Pt.CVI VolXXIll, pp 14-15 COLLIERY WORKING 2006 (Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIII” ) pp.29-45

Copley, Graham. Three Poems: At Dusk, A Quietness, Under t’Lime. Poems in dialect. 2008 Pt.CVIII VoLXXL p 37.



DIALECT OF WHITBY 2001 (Pt.CI Vol.XX) pp.40-45

DIALECT OF WIBSEY 2006 (Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIII” ) pp.20-24


Dixon, Tom. see Leary, Nigel, No.l

DU BIST MtN, Iff BIN DfN 2002 (Pt.CII Vol.XX) p.46

Ellis, Stanley, 1., Jack Danby. Obituary and memoir of an East Riding member of YDS, including photograph. 2002 Pt CH Vol.XX. pp 8-10.

Ellis, Stanley, 2., Middin-Jumpin. In dialect. In the rows of houses, outside toilet buildings and spaces for coal fire waste (middins) were built side by side, and boys were challenged to leap over toilets and middins from one end of the street to the other, 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. pp 53-55.

Ellis, Stanley, 3., Book Reviews: (a) Don Halliday, One fertf Rooad, An Anthology of Yorkshire Dialect Poems, 1999. (b) Don Halliday, T’Oyle I’ t’ Rooad, A Second Book of Yorkshire Dialect Poems, 2002. 2003 Pt.CIII Vol.XX. pp 30-33.

Ellis, Stanley, 4., Irwin Bielby. Obituary and memoir of YDS member. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIir. pp 49-50.

England, Gerald, A Survey of Yorkshire Dialect on the Internet. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. pp 73-75.

Filey Mercury (Saturday April 7th 2007 ), A.G.M. at Filey. “Overwhelming” Support. 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXL p 48.

Foster, Donald (artist), sketch of Semer Water and Addleborough from Wether Fell 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL p 24.

Foster, Donald (artist), sketch of Pen-y~Ghent. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXI. p 41.

Fyne, Jon. Lexical Erosion and Innovation in North-West Derbyshire. Includes vocabulary charts. 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXI. pp 17-34.

GASKELL, ELIZABETH 2001 (Pt.CI Vol.XX) pp.40-45

“Gatherin” of North of England dialects. 2001 Pt.CI Vol.XX. p 46.

Goodwin, Christine, 1., Mi Dad worra Baker. Poem in dialect. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXI. p 43.

Goodwin, Christine, 2., Yon’ Windmills. Poem in dialect. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL p 44.

Green, Charlotte, Text Transformation: Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis into Yorkshire Dialect. Dialect prose and commentary. 2002 Pt CII.Vol.XX. pp 27-33.


Hope, Dr. David, Sermon, Service for Yorkshire Day, Tuesday 1st August 2000, York Minster. 2008 PtCVIII Vol.XXL pp 7-11.

HUMBER YAWL (YACHT) CLUB 2007 (Pt.CVII Vol.XXI) pp. 45-46 HUTTON-LE-HOLE 2008 (Pt.CVIII Vol.XXI) p. 33

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), I., A Dictionary for Yorkshire. Compiling and revising his Yorkshire Dictionary. 2001 Pt.CI Vol.XX. pp 22-26.

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), 2., Book Review : W.R.Mitchell, How They Lived in the Yorkshire Dales. 2001. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. p 72.

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), 3., Yon Gowlden Bells. Poem in dialect; celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary. 2003 Pt.CIII Vol.XX. p 35.

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), 4., Joseph Wright, Philologist and Dialectologist. Contribution for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography outlining the life of the YDS founder. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. pp 8-13.

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), 5., The Dialect of Wibsey. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.nXXIir? pp 20-24.

Kellett, Arnold (Dr.), 6., Up t’Snicket an’ t’Rest on Us. Report on Y.D.S. meeting at Dewsbury, July 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXL p 49.


“KNOCKING UP” 2006 (Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIII” ) p.47


Leach, Walter, Visit to Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton-le-Hole, 5th My 2008. 2008 PtCVIII Vol.XXI. p 33.

Leary, Nigel, 1., Liquorice Roots. Based on the meeting in Pontecfract on 6th July 2002 Pt CILVol.XX . Deals with the history of the sweet product associated with Pontefract, made from “Glycyrriza vulgaris” (common liquorice). Contributions also from Gill Briscoe, Tom Dixon, Brian Mercer, and including John Betjeman’s The Licorice Fields at Pontefract, photographs and dial ect and trade terms relating to the industry. 2002 Pt CILVol.XX. pp 14-26

Leary, Nigel, 2., Carvw’ Time. Poem in West Riding dialect. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. p 82.

Leary, Nigel, 3., Thowts an 1 Trees. Poem in West Riding dialect. 2003 Pt.CIII Vol.XX. p 36

Leary, Nigel, 4., Green and Gunthwaite. Poem in dialect. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXI. p 32.

Leary, Nigel, 5., Thee an1 thi Kites. Concrete poem in dialect, in the shape of a kite. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL p 42.

Leary, Nigel, 6., Introduction to transcription of traditional poem recited by Mrs Joan Burndred of West Cowick, Goole, entitled The Orphans. Poem has dialect dialogue. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.*XXIir. pp 16-19.

Leary, Nigel, 7,, Y,D.S. “Cried” at Pocklington. A First? Reports the use of a traditional Town Crier to announce the October 2007 meeting. Photograph. The last part of the article in dialect. 2007 Pt.CVII Voi.XXI. pp 50-51.

Leary, Nigel, 8., People Presents (A mother is permanently in hospital). Poem in dialect. 2007 Pt.CVII VoLXXI. p 55.

Leary, Nigel, 9., Tall Story. Poem in dialect. With anagram puzzle. 2008 Pt.CVHI Voi.XXI, p 38.

Lewis, Jack Windsor, The ‘Sophisticated Central Northern accent’ of England. 2008 Pt.CVHI Voi.XXI. pp 22-29.

Lund, Dorothy and Bill, Does Tha Like Dialect? Report of the meeting held on 2nd July 2005 at Penistone. 2005 Pt.CV Voi.XXI. p 38.

MARITIME VOCABULARY 2001 (Pt.CI Vol.XX) pp.27-36

Maybury, Jean. Geoff Robinson – A Tribute. 2007 Pt.C VII VoLXXL pp 7-8


Mercer, Brian, see Leary, Nigel MIDDINS

(MIDDENS, RUBBISH TIPS) 2002 {Pt.CII Vol*XX) pp.53-55 MOTHER SHIPTON 2002 (Pt.CII Vol.XX) p.76

Muldowney, Jeremy, 1., Words and Water. From talk given at YDS meeting in Goole, 5th October 2001 Pt.CI VoLXX. Nautical and boating terms, with drawings, 2001 PtCI Vol.XX. pp 27-36.

Muldowney, Jeremy, 2., Outreach to Schools – Y.D.S. Dialect Packs. 2001 PtCI Vol.XX. p 53.

Muldowney, J.E., 3., School Packs. News of prototype dialect materials for use in schools. 2002 Pt.CII VoLXX. p 77.

Muldowney, Jeremy, 4.? Divine Dialect – or the Language of Heaven. As part of a report on the meeting at Bishopsthorpe Palace, the article refers to the Stilling fleet Glossary by the early 19th century Revd. David F. Markham, and deals with Hannah Beedham, circa 1833, a “prophetess” and street preacher, whose story provided the material for a “Community Docu-drama” performed at Kelfield village and J.E. Muldowney fs? The Ballad of Hannah Beedham, also quoted in the article. It is also reported that a public reading was given at the meeting of the anonymous ear ly 19th century dialect poem, The York Minster Screen. 2003Pt.CIII VoLXX. pp 16-21.

Muldowney, Jeremy, 5., Villages, Voices and the Vale of York. Ranges through perceptions of local speech when moving into the area, and some place- name origins. 2005 Pt.CV Voi.XXI. pp 17-23.

Muldowney, Jeremy, 6., Edwin. A Monologue performed in York Minster, August 2006. In dialect, in the mouth of King Edwin, baptised 627, founder of the Minster. 2006 Pt.CVI VoLHXXIir. pp 8-9.


Ogden, James, 1., The Dialect Poems of Sherwin Stephenson. Includes full text of T Mill, 1891 and TMill, 1947(pp 40-41), the former beginning, “Cud ye but speik ye gaunt mill walls/ Yo mony a tale cud tell/ O’ poverty an’ cruelty/ As grim as onny Hell”. 2002 Pt.CII VolXX. pp 34-43.

Ogden, James, 2., Elegy for a Shaffle-Arsed Potter. Poem in dialect, 2002 Pt.CII VoLXX. p 81.

Ogden, James, 3., The Dialect Poems of Sherwin Stephenson – Afterthoughts. 2003 PtCIII VoLXX. page 44.

Pierson, Claire, Jubilation. Poem in dialect. 2002 Pt.CII VoLXX. p 80.

“POCK” (POCKLINGTON) 2007 (Pt.CVII Vol,XXI) p.50

PONTEFRACT & LIQUORICE 2002 {Pt.CII Vol.XX) pp.15-26

Priestley, Godfrey, In Praise of Joseph Wright and his English Dialect Dictionary. Poem in Standard English, Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una, 1., Envoi Poem in standard English. 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXI. p 47. Also see Spencer, Brian, No, 11.

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una, 2., Sea Swallow. Poem in Standard English. 2007 Pt.CVII VoLXXI p 54. Also see Spencer, Brian, No. 11.

Rhodes, Barrie M., 1., Blacksmiths’ Words. Outlines technical terms for tools and equipment, with some derivations. Illustrated. (For Appendix to this, see Spencer, Brian, No.7). 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXL pp 14-34.

Rhodes, Barrie M., 2,, We Have a Word for It. At Yorkshire Dialect workshops at the Norwegian Study Centre, Heslington, mutual understanding of vocabulary is discovered: e.g. Swedish “Lek rum f6r barn” turns out to be, in fact, a playroom for children. Photos. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL pp 27-31.

Rhodes, Barrie M., 3., 7s This Yorkshire Geography? Remarks on the large number of Yorkshire place names in southern Ontario. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIir. pp 25-28.

Roberts, Doris, Advice (“It’ll deea tha good!’1). Poem in East Riding dialect. 2001 Pt.CI VoLXX. pp 51-52.

Robinson, Geoff., Wasp. A poem in dialect (set in Chult on). 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXI. pp 52-53. Also see Maybury, Jean.

SCYTHES 2006 (Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIII”) pp.10-13

Shackleton, Muriel, 1., Marjorie Harwood 2 January 1921-22 May 2002. Obituary and memoir of Esperantist and YDS Council member. 2002 Pt CII.Vol.XX. pp 11-12.

Shackleton, Muriel, 2,, The Dialect Poems of Sherwin Stephenson – Afterthoughts (part of this item). 2003 Pt.CHI VoLXX, p 44.

Shackleton, Muriel, 3., The Music of Dialect. Concerns the setting of dialect words to music. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. p 55.

Shackleton, Muriel, 4., Book Review: George Redmonds , Names and History: People, Places and Things, 2004. 2005 Pt.CV VoLXXI. pp 39-40.

Shackleton, Muriel, 5.? Book Review: Mabel Ferrett, Spirit and Emotion: Forty Years of Pennine Poets. 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIir. pp 39-40



Smith, K.E., J.B.Priestley and Yorkshire Speech. 2001 Pt.CI VoLXX. pp 8-21.

Spencer, Brian, 1., Elizabeth Gaskell and the Dialect of Whitby, 2001 Pt.CI Vol.XX. pp 40-45.

Spencer, Brian, 2., Joseph Wright Ph.D. (Heidelberg), Facsimile and translation of the minutes of Wright’s oral defence of his thesis 1885. 2001 Pt.CI VoLXX. pp 47-49.

Spencer, Brian, 3., The Laureate of Holderness. The Dialect Writing of Edward Charles Booth. 2002 Pt.CII Vol.XX. pp 63-69.

Spencer, Brian, 4., Book News. Reports among other things translation of John Waddington-Feather poems into Japanese. 2002 Pt.CII VoLXX. p 76.

Spencer, Brian, 5., A New (Old) Word. The meaning of nunty. 2002 Pt.CII VoLXX. Page 79.

Spencer, Brian, 6. Book Reviews: (a) Giner, Maria E. Garcia-Bermejo & Montgomery, Michael, The Knaresborough Workhouse Daybook: Language and Life in 18th Century North Yorkshire. The daybook material is described as “an excellent example of Yorkshire English of two centuries ago.” 2003 Pt.CIII VoLXX. pp 32- 34. (b) Extracts from the book quoted as Gems from the Daybook, 2003 Pt.CIH Vol.XX. pp 40-41.

Spencer, Brian, 7,, Some Observations on Local Variations (in blacksmithing vocabulary) encountered in a Blacksmith’s Shop on the East Coast of Yorkshire. Appendix to Barrie M. Rhodes’ article on blacksmithing technical vocabulary: see Rhodes, Barrie M. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. pp 33-34.

Spencer, Brian, 8., Reight Jobs and Mickey Mouse. Recounts the author’s experiences as a blacksmith’s apprentice, including some East Riding dialec t dialogue. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. pp 35-38.

Spencer, Brian, 9. Book Reviews: (a) David Quinlan, John Castillo, Bard of the Dales. (1968) concerning and quoting from Irish-born North Yorkshire dialect poet Cast illo (1795-1845). (b) Howard Peach, Dialect Ditties for Dove House Poems in East Riding dialect. (c) Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, 2004. Concerning correct punctuation in Standard English. 2004 Pt.CIV VoLXXI. pp 54-57.

Spencer, Brian, 10., Book Review: Arnold Kellett, Yorkshire Dialect Classics, 2005. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXI p 40.

Spencer, Brian, 11., DUR and the HYC. Brief account of Dorothy Una Ratcliffe, prolific dialect writer and yachtswoman, with sketches and a short poem by her. H. Y.C. refers to Humber Yacht Club. 2007 Pt.CVII Vol.XXI. pp 45-47.



Swann, Alan W., A Translation of Catullus’s Poem, A Small Bird Dies. Poem in West Riding dialect entitled Spuggy Tummies off t’Twig, with the Latin version, beginning “Lugete, o Veneres Cupidinesque”, on facing page. 2003 Pt.CIH Vol.XX. pp 38-39.

Thompson, Ann, Joseph Wright’s Slips, Looking at the contents of 9 remaining boxes of slips of paper out of the million or so used by Wright in compiling his English Dialect Dictionary. Illustrated with facsimiles. 2008 Pt.CVIII VoLXXI. pp 12-21.

Toalster, (Dr.) J.P.C., 1., Elegaics. Poem in Standard English about Mother Shipton’s Cave. 2001 Pt.CI VoLXX. p 50.

Toalster, (Dr.) J.P.C, 2., The Gold of Upsal (Another Version), 2001 Pt.CI Vol.XX. pp 54-55.

Toalster, (Dr.) J.P.C., 3,, Schwyzerdutsch. An account of the varieties of Swiss German within Hochdeutsch (“High German”), including map and a Hochdeutsch poem of c.1200 A.D. translated into West Riding dialect. Also identifies the existence of tone-accent in Schwyzerdutsch. 2002 Pt.CH Vol.XX, pp 44-52.

Toalster, (Dr.) J.P.C., 4., Ueber den Gebrauch einer Yorkshire-Mundart in Deutschland im 19, Jahrhundert. (On the Use of a Yorkshire Dialect in Germany in the 19th Century). (Auf englisch!/The article is in English). Beginning with a curious incident where Joseph Wright for fun addressed a man at a Gasthaus in “Schwetzingen”, Germany, and was answered in the same , the author sets about searching for the actual Gasthaus involved, fixing on a possible location at Schwabenheim. Illustrated with photographs. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXL pp 39-44.

Toalster, (Dr.) J.P.C., 5., Book Review: Katie Wales, Northern English: A Social and Cultural History. 2007 Pt.CVH VoLXXI. pp 40-44.


Upton, Clive, 1., New Received Pronunciation in Leeds, 1966? 2002 Pt.CH VoLXX. pp 70-71.

Upton, Prof. Clive, 2., ‘Does he smoke a pipe?’ The Real and the Imagined of Dialectology, Deals with dialectology as an academic discipline. Charts. 2007 PtCVII Vol.XXL pp 9-16.


Waddington-Feather, John, A Wedding Blessing in Yorksh ire Dialect. Poem in dialect. 2002 PtCII VoLXX. p 78.

Walker, Carol, Having Fun at the A.G.M. Organising dialect entertainment at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. 2008 PtCVIII Vol.XXL p 34.

Widdowson, J.D.A, 1., The Dialect of Filey Forty Years Ago. 2004 Pt.CIV Vol.XXI. pp 49-52.

Widdowson, J.D.A, 2., Time to Move On: Changing Perceptions of English Regional Dialects in the Twenty-First Century. 2005 Pt.CV Vol.XXL pp. 9-16.


WRIGHT, JOSEPH (FOUNDER OF Y.D.S. ) 2004 (Pt.CIV Vol.XXI) p.8-13, 2004 (Pt.CIV Vol.XXI) pp.39-42, 2008 (Pt.CVIII Vol.XXI) pp.12-21.

Wynn, Stan, 1., Mi 64er. Poem in dialect referring to a conker (fruit of Aesculus hippocastanum) used to smash 64 others in children’s competition game. 2003 Pt.CIII VoLXX. p 37.

Wynn, Stan, 2., Description of the Workings of a Coal Mine. Diagrams. 2006 Pt.CVI VoL”XXIir. pp 29-45.

Wynn, Stan, 3., T’Owd Knocker Up. Poem in West Riding dialect, 2006 Pt.CVI Vol.”XXIir. pp 46-47,

YORK & DISTRICT 2005 (Pt.CV Vol.XXI) p.17-23, 2008 (Pt.CVIII Vol.XXI) p35.

YORK MINSTER SCREEN 2003 (Pt.CIII Vol.XX) pp.20-21

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